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WELCOME to the Healing Inner Child Oracle Deck
The creative process has been ongoing since February 2021 and we are so happy to start sharing it with you. The deck is planned to arrive in 2022.

What is the Inner Child Healing Deck about?

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood…
NOT JUST A DECK OF CARDS: Inner Child Healing Oracle is more than a deck of cards. It’s a journey where you are invited and guided step by step in connecting with the vulnerable, joyful, and creative Child within you.

It is a journey to help both you and your inner child feel understood, loved, seen, and a sense of belonging. From here, you and your inner child can grow up and have a powerful transition from a little child to being the Heroine/Hero in your own life story.

Inner Child Healing Deck
How Does It Work?

This deck comes as a set of 70 Cards and a guide book that lays out the journey for you. It guides you through the inner child healing journey. The journey consists of three stages: 

Stage One: 

Come Home To Yourself. 

This is the stage where you learn to ground and reconnect with yourself, the earth, and your heart. 

Stage Two: 

Discover & Meet the Real You. 

This is where you allow yourself to grieve both what happened and what didn’t happen in your childhood, explore the masks you created, and reveal the power of your shadows.

Stage Three: 

Live & Shine from your 'REAL TRUE SELF'

Live and Shine from your “REAL TRUE SELF.” This last stage is where the inner child meets the adult warrior in you so that you can live your life in a more authentic, joyful, creative, and empowered way. 

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Why do we need to heal our inner child wounds?

"We are all Wounded Healers"
                                                                                     - Dr. Barbara Brennen
The wounds, trauma, that we have carried deep down inside of us rooted deeply from our childhood. These wounds stop you to actually LIVE your life and be who you truly are.

The rejection wound creates a sense of withdrawal and loneliness—the fear of being rejected, making you stay in your comfort zones.

The “not feeling enough” wound shows up as you 'try to' to do more, try to please someone, or try to get approval from others. And in that process, you are losing yourself.

The “try to hide” wound carries deep hidden anger from being bullied and humiliated.
Because of the fear of humiliation, you might create a wall around you to make you feel safe. But ultimately, this wall hides you and your talents from people.

The “Perfectionist” creates a push of non-stop proving and competing.

This prevents you from ever feeling that you are enough, and you have enough

“If your foot hurts when you walk outside, you can do two things: One is the wrap the whole world in burlap or you can get a pair of shoes.” ~ Ramana Maharshi

Remember: You always have a choice:

You can see yourself as a victim to the world and try to change the world and people so that they won’t hurt you anymore.

Or you can actually EMPOWER yourself. And that’s what the healing is all about.

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The inner child healing journey begins with a moment of courage. This is the moment where you choose to acknowledge your childhood wounding and honor your true feelings to heal your heart. This is the moment you meet yourself, your realities, and others with an undefended heart.

The inner child healing oracle deck is more than a deck of cards, it is a healing journey, ,where you will be invited to: CONNECT, LOVE, CREATE, EVOLVE, and EXPERIENCE to heal your childhood trauma, and empower yourself.
This is why you are here as a soul.

At the time of the launch, the deck will be produced in limited quantities. This will be available on a first-come, invite only basis

We share with you the creative process at the beginning of our adventure to keep it real, heartfelt, and transparent. We also plan to share with you the stories behind each card, the expansion, and contractions of creative process and much more so that it might inspire you to step into your inner healing journey to create a life you want to live for yourself. We would love for you to keep in touch with the process and the emails that we send out from time to time (usually 2 to 3 emails a month)

Healing Begins with Yourself

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About The Creators

Rubi and Kylie met in a meditation retreat in 2015 but did not have a chance to connect.

It was not until January 2021 that they united their prayers.

Rubi the illustrator had been searching for meaningful projects that aligned her passion for picture making with her interest in spiritual journeys.

Kylie the energy healer had been working on creating the inner child healing deck out of a desire to share the message “It is never too late to have a happy childhood”. She had a strong intention to connect with a great artist to bring her visions into form.

The universe listened to both of their prayers and brought them together.

Now Rubi, Kylie, and the passionate team are working wholeheartedly to manifest the Healing Inner Child Oracle Deck. We enjoy the creative process, hearing your feedback, and we hope that it would be a delight for you to hold the final Deck in your hand next year! We are glad that you found this page. Perhaps it is providence, or maybe the Universe is listening to you!


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We know that for healing to begin, you have to connect with it in a language that speaks to you.

The deck will be available in two languages.

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